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Raising Funds Around The House


Many jobs and projects can be found around your own home. You can do some of these as a way to earn a regular weekly allowance, or you may do some as special jobs to earn extra money. Whatever arrangements you make with your family, you’ll need to know how to do the jobs you take on. Have your parent instruct you on any task you want to accomplish, whether you are mowing the lawn, trimming a hedge, ironing, etc. Whatever the job, be sure your parent or another adult has shown you the safe and proper way to accomplish the task.

Here are some basic pointers:
When using home appliances, make sure you understand the proper, safe way to use them. This is for your own safety and so you don’t damage the equipment or applicance. For example, if you’re using the washing machine, make sure you’ve been shown how to sort the clothes and how to know the proper amount of clothes that make up a load. You’ll need to know how much detergent to put into the machine. You should also know how to work the controls and the settings of the machine. It’s a good idea to attach a sheet of instructions to the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and other appliances you are likely to use. For example, do you know what to do if the vacuum cleaner clogs or how to change the bag when it’s full? Do you know what cleaning agents are good for some jobs but not for others? If you don’t know, you could endanger yourself or possibly destroy or damage things in your home. Remember: If you have a problem, ask an adult for help.

Grab a rag and make a pledge to wipe out dust bunnies everywhere. Dust bedrooms, the living room, and other areas all around the house. Pay special attention to dust magnets, like TV and computers.

Clean Your Room
This could be part of your regular allowance package. Keep those clothes off the floor and the toys and books neatly on the shelf to earn some cash.

Clean the Garage
Got the gift of organization? Mountains of things are waiting for your gentle touch. Straighten the junk and sweep the floor.

Clean the Windows
And the screens too! What adult on the planet has time to clean his windows? There’s a big market for kids who are willing to break out the bucket and soap. Just say, “Yes, of course I do windows!”

Earn Good Grades
Why not strike a deal with Mom and Dad? For every good grade you make, you earn some money.

Get the wrinkles out of your relationship with Mom. Help her with that pile of ironing that needs to be done. For added incentive, you could make this part of your allowance package or work out a price per piece that you iron.

Take Out the Trash
This is a job that Dad will be glad to give up. This can be a part of the weekly chores you do. Or make an arrangement that when you haul out the trash, you haul in the dough.

This is a job that can be done every day. Always check the bag to make sure it’s not too full. Mom will welcome your help with this job again and again.

Wash the Dishes
This job is a never-ending battle against glime and slime. Talk about job security! Learn to turn those dishes and you can turn lots of cash for BGMC.

Wash Clothes
You can help gather, wash, and sort the clothes. Remember: This job is not done until the clothes are folded or hung up and put away.

Wash the Car
You can have fun in the sun with this one. Make sure you don’t use any brushes or strong soaps that will harm the car’s paint finish. Do a good job on every car, and word about your work will get around. You’ll be so busy that your fingertips will stay wrinkled.

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