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Faith Promises


What is a Faith Promise?


Did you know that kids can make faith promises for missions? Every year adults are challenged with how much to pledge for missions, but the kids also need to be challenged.

BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge) is the missions program for kids. BGMC is used to supply our missionaries with whatever they need to spread the gospel around the world. Missionaries LOVE BGMC because it is so flexible with the kinds of supplies they can buy.

Kids can make faith promises for BGMC! They can hear God's voice and then follow His leading in how much they should pledge to missions and how to earn the money to fulfill that pledge. What a wonderful opportunity it has been to see children sacrificially giving to missions through BGMC. When children make faith promises, God expands their heart for the world. The entire time that the kids are working to earn money for missions, they are realizing that they are helping to reach the lost around the world. This has an everlasting impact on a child. Teach your kids about making faith promises to BGMC.

What is a faith promise?

A faith promise is a goal or a pledge that is set between the child and God. This goal is set for one year. They are to do their best to raise this amount of money. The easiest way is to divide that amount by twelve months so that a monthly goal is established. The child is then to try to raise that amount each month. That amount becomes their monthly pledge. Encourage the kids to pray, to work, and to do their best to meet this pledge. It will become exciting to see how God helps them in ways they never expected. Remember, this is a pledge, but it's not something that HAS to be met. Kids are to do their best, but they are not to feel bad if they don't make it. Don't pressure the kids, encourage them!

If kids still don't know what to make as a faith promise, challenge them to try to give each month to BGMC the age that they are. For instances, an eight-year-old should try to raise $8 per month.

How does a child decide what his/her faith promise pledge should be?

Encourage the child to pray and ask God what is it that he/she should pledge for missions. Have the children talk this over with their parents and with their pastor or teacher. Download our "Big Book of Fundraising Ideas." This booklet will give them great ideas on how to raise money, and it will answer a lot of questions. Remember that God will lead them and direct them. Some kids will try to earn $5 to $10 per month. Others will earn less and others will earn more. BGMC provides free full-color faith promise cards for kids (item number #715-009).

Adults can get involved too:

We want kids to learn to give to missions, but we also want the adults to multiply that giving by getting involved in BGMC too. The missionaries need our help. There are three times as many requests for BGMC financial help than what is available. If adults got involved, it would be easier to meet the needs of missionaries around the world.

Help your kids develop a heart of compassion for the world. Help the missionaries reach the lost around the world. Give to BGMC!

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