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Raising Funds In The Great Outdoors


Get permission before you use any tools or equipment. Make sure you return equipment and tools to the right location when you’re done. Be careful to see that they are clean and in as good or better condition as when you started using them.

Mulch Spreading
Mulch materials are made of tree bark or wood chips. When you spread them around plants and flowerbeds, they help control weeds and keep plants from drying out too much from sun. You can handle this one.

Plant Flowers
Got a green thumb? Plant some green stuff in your BGMC barrel by helping someone plant some flowers.

Rake Leaves
This is definitely seasonal work. When the leaves fall in the fall, the cash can fall in your barrel. Rake in the leaves, rake in the dough.

Clean Up Limbs and Debris
Fill up that little red wagon with junk from the yard, and you can fill up your yellow barrel with some cash.

Shovel Snow
Believe it or not, there are places where it snows. A lot! People will pay to get out of this job. That means you can make some good money getting those sidewalks and driveways cleaned off.

Stack Firewood
Just think of the firewood as very big Lincoln Logs. Move ‘em. Stack ‘em. Have fun rackin’ up money for BGMC.

Think about how many miles of sidewalks and driveways there are in this country. How many of them are dirty? This project should be a sweeping success.

Trash Pickup and Removal
Pick up the trash and get some cash. Fill the trash barrel and then you can fill your BGMC barrel.

Water Plants
Thirsty plants need lots of water. Make a splash and earn some cash. This could also work for indoor plants. Look for neighbors who are going out of town and need someone to care for their plants while they’re away.

Weed Flowerbeds
Death to the uninvited guests in the flowerbed! When they see you coming, the weeds will weep.

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