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Things You Can Sell


Discover the joys of the open market in America. People will buy just about anything. That means you can sell just about anything.
At certain locations, you may need to check with your city or county offices about laws and regulations selling on the street or in public places. If you go door-to-door, never go alone. Take an adult or at least a friend with you. Never go into someone’s house for any reason.
REMEMBER: Make sure you have a parent’s permission before you sell anything.

Garage Sale
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Don’t throw stuff out. Wait and see if someone will buy it from you in a garage sale. The toys you don’t play with anymore could bring lots of money for BGMC. To really increase your chances for big sales, hand out flyers all around your neighborhood, informing people of your upcoming garage sale and that all proceeds will go to missions. Not only will more people come to your sale, some people might donate items for you to sell.

Baked Goods
The toughest thing about this is resisting eating up all the profits. If you can keep your hands off the cakes, pies, and cookies, you can sell them for big profits. Some major department stores, such as Wal-Mart, will allow you to set up a table at their entrances. Check with your local store manager for details.

Baseball Cards
Got a big collection of old baseball cards? Some of them might be worth a lot to collectors. Why not sell them and give some or all of the proceeds to BGMC?

Candy Bars
You can buy candy bars at reduced prices from a wholesaler or distributor. You can then sell them in your school or neighborhood at a profit. Be sure to check with your principal and school office to find out about their policies before you bring items to sell on campus. You can also have Mom or Dad sell your candy bars at their work places.

Grow your own flowers or buy them from a wholesaler. Take orders before special holidays, like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. That way you can purchase only what you need.

Craft Items
If you enjoy arts and crafts, there’s probably something you can make and sell. Make sure you keep track of all your expenses in making an item so you can make sure you are selling it at a profit. You’ll do best with this if you provide products that go with the seasons.

Fruits or Vegetables
Grow vegetables in your garden or buy them from a wholesaler. You’ll have your own “veggie-tales” to tell when the profits come rolling in for BGMC. Or you can buy a “flat” of flowers. Go door-to-door and ask people if you can plant flowers in their yard for missions.

Soda Pop
Buy cans of soda and sell them in your neighborhood or at sporting events. A nice cold can of soda will be a welcome sight on a hot day!

This tasty treat is fun to make and eat.Sell bags of popcorn at special events or after the church service. Because it’s so inexpensive to make, it’s a great, favorite fund-raiser. For extra appeal, you can add toppings, such as caramel or Cajun seasoning.

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